Sparkling Water Pool Services

Terrill Overstreet
PO Box 450114
Garland, TX 75045 United States

Phone: View Phone Number214-213-6715
Fax: View Fax Number972-843-2105

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Company Description:

At Sparkling Water Pool Service we pride ourselves on our service and responsiveness to your pool needs.  We make it our goal to ensure that your pool is completely cleaned and inspected, as is expected by your clients.


Services we provide:

  • Vacuuming/leaf mastering of pool as needed
  • Brushing of walls, steps, and ledges
  • Cleaning of pool tile (1/3 each visit)
  • Chemical balancing of water in pool
  • Cleaning of skimmer baskets
  • Removal of debris from water surface
  • Backwashing of filter
  • Straightening of patio area
  • Removing all trash from pool area
  • Checking and adjusting valve positions as required
  • Checking pumps for leaks
  • Checking pump seals
  • Providing written log of operating condition of pool facility
  • Reporting any problems directly to the management company
  • Repairs
  • Porter service
  • Renovation: plaster, deck-o-seal, tile repair/replacement...etc.
  • Winterization/Dewinterization services
  • Vandalism cleanup
  • Leak detection/repair
  • Small electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs

*****If you require a service not listed above, please contact us.******

Pool Services
Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter
Terrill Overstreet Chief Executive Officer 
Desiree Overstreet Chief Financial Officer 
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