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Thomas Chilenski, CMCA
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The goal of our Management team is to maintain and enhance the property aesthetics and operations in the most professional, cost-effective manner possible. We strive to exceed the expectations of the Board of Directors, Owners and Residents, while maintaining and improving upon the daily operations and financial integrity of your Community Association.

The Cedarcrest Management Team fully understands that Board Members are unpaid volunteers, our team makes every effort to provide credible information, professional advice, and cost-effective long-term solutions to improve your decision making; while reducing your effort and time commitment. We are a boutique property management firm; we customize our management services to meet our client’s needs.  Constant communication, responsiveness, hard work, and pro-active property management are the keys to our success, resulting in our client’s satisfaction.


Cedarcrest Property Management Inc. makes a significant effort to get to know the people within the communities in order to enhance the quality of their lives. Our management team possesses extensive customer service experience and pride themselves on creating that personal touch, providing solutions to minor and major problems with the same sense of urgency. The management team is your friend and is always available to help when making an inquiry. You can always be assured of speaking with a “LIVE PERSON” when you call our office during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday. 

  • We provide 24-hour, 7 day per week response to EMERGENCIES.
  • We respond in 24 hours/1 business day or less to ALL inquiries and comments from Owners and Residents. 


Cedarcrest is known to be “Pro-active & Hands-On”! Through frequent comprehensive on-site visits, our team of personnel maintains a superior knowledge of the conditions of the property, grounds, equipment, common areas, etc.  

We provide…

  • Solutions that allow you to make sound business decisions
  • Continuous cost-reduction recommendations without compromising your investment, while maintaining and upgrading the quality of services
  • Ongoing weekly communications and informative recommendations to the Board of Trustees and committees
  • Consultation for money management leading to financial security
  • Full transparency-it is your info/data-just ask and you shall receive!
  • Guaranteed weekly on-site inspections by your Property Director

Cedarcrest personnel provides for the enforcement of rules governing the Condominium Association as outlined in the Declaratory Documents and Rules and Regulations and, where necessary, enforce these rules through legal process.  Where necessary Cedarcrest will intercede and act to resolve disputes arising within the community in order to maintain a harmonious environment for all residents.

Cedarcrest professionally negotiates any contract necessary for the maintenance of the property subject to the stipulation of the Association.  In addition, our professional staff will direct and supervise services provided by employees and contractors including, but not limited to: concierge services, landscaping & common grounds maintenance, snow removal, roadway and parking maintenance, fire and safety, recreational areas maintenance, pool maintenance, building maintenance, janitorial services, garbage removal, roofs, gutters and downspouts, boiler rooms, security services, etc.  Cedarcrest professionally manages every detail on a daily basis, so that you won’t have to.


Cedarcrest serves as the exclusive Managing Agent of your Association and we will review periodically all items relevant to the Association and maintain the necessary records accordingly.  Our Financial Department is fully staffed, overseen by our Financial Director, a CPA with over 25 years of experience.  Our Accounting Director earned her MBA in accounting and possesses over 30 years of real-world business accounting experience.  

We will maintain a system of financial accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), submitting reports on a schedule approved by the Directors and an annual report to the Owners.  All books and records are made available for independent audit quarterly and annually.  Our financial record keeping system is fully computerized, securely backed up remotely daily, permitting immediate access to all data. 

Cedarcrest bills and collects all monthly maintenance fees and special assessments due to the Association from its Owners, as well as late and other incidental fees, where applicable.  We utilize pre-printed remittance envelopes, which are provided to Owners.  Direct deposit/ACH transfers and credit card payments are also available for payment convenience.  Cedarcrest ensures that delinquencies are followed up by mail and, if necessary, by legal action.  In addition, we ensure that all invoices for services are properly reviewed, maintained and that payment is made for all invoices, expenses, operating costs and obligations of the Association. 

Cedarcrest acts as a liaison between the Association and all governmental bodies and regulatory agencies, and maintains the Association in compliance with governmental regulations.  We manage all administrative and legal aspects of the Association and, at the direction of the Board of Directors, obtain legal counsel and auditing services for the Association, when necessary.


Cedarcrest Property Management Inc. has qualified personnel who can create or assist in the preparation of the annual budget. We just don’t execute on prior year’s budgets, our personnel reviews expenditures, extrapolates real anticipated expenses and prepare budgets that work, thus reducing the need for special assessments and ensuring proper funding for capital and deferred maintenance reserves.


Cedarcrest Property Management reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for appropriate reserves for capital replacements and the regular deferred maintenance of common area components.


Cedarcrest is available upon request to publish an Association newsletter for distribution to all Owners and tenants.  We will provide the initial set-up, design, and administer the Association website.  The Association newsletter and website can be utilized to highlight important decisions of the Board, timely announcements, emergency notifications, regulations and operating policies, etc.  The Board & Owners will be provided with online portals to access Association’s private information, place architectural requests, maintenance work orders, and communicate directly with Management and the Association Board.  Additional fees may apply.


Cedarcrest manages and procures all policies of insurance required by the Directors for the necessary protection of the Association. The personnel at Cedarcrest has the experience necessary to ensure that the insurance coverage obtained will be suitable to address the Association’s Governing Documents, Articles of Incorporation, Board of Directors, and Shareholder’s needs. 

Rest assured, when you choose Cedarcrest Property Management Inc., you will enhance the operation, aesthetics and value of your community, and improve the quality of your lives.  

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Management Company
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