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Facilities Advisors has been serving Community Associations since 1982 providing reserve study services nationwide.  Our commitment to the reserve study profession is demonstrated by the organizations we belong to, the credentials we hold, the books and articles we’ve published, and the professional leadership positions we hold.  facilities Advisors is recognized as the thought leader of the reserve study profession.

Facilities Advisors CEO Gary Porter is the president of the International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) and is a director of Associated Reserve Planners (ARP), a Trade Organization for reserve professionals.  He is also on the board of directors of the Budgeting Professionals Credentialing Board. Mr. Porter is also a past national president of CAI, the Community Associations Institute.  Mr. Porter holds the following credentials

FMP - Facilities Management Professional

RS - Reserve Specialist

CPA - Certified Public Accountant

RRC - Registered Reserve Consultant

Facilities Advisors principal Greg Libke is the president of Associated Reserve Planners (ARP) and serves on the board of directors of ICBI.  Facilities Advisors principal Pierre del Rosario serves on the board of directors of both ARP and ICBI.

Gary Porter and Pierre del Rosario are co-authors of the book “Reserve Studies - the Complete Guide.”  This 436 page book is the definitive guide to reserve studies.  Gary Porter is also the co-author of two additional books, “Performing High Rise Reserve Studies” and “Performing Country Club Reserve Studies.”  Gary Porter is also the author of the training course for reserve professionals titled “Fundamentals of Reserve Studies.”  He is co-author of reserve study training courses on Performing High Rise Reserve Studies and Performing Country Club Reserve Studies.

Facilities Advisors has also made a significant commitment to the use of technology to enhance and improve the reserve study process.  Our Facilities 7 reserve study software is an Internet-based software product which we also provide to our clients who wish to manage their own reserve programs.  We have more than 200 active licenses representing more than 1,200 associations currently using our system.  Our proprietary data capture tool allows us to create a comprehensive component list on site using a tablet computer.  Our data capture software acts as a checklist for each location and is linked to our proprietary component database containing more than 2,000 components.  We also subscribe to additional services that (1) allow us to prepare our proprietary “Complete Measurements Report” as well as (2) dictate in our current observations and comments during the on-site analysis related to each component and photo that we take.  This gives us real time information that no one else can match.

In addition to the books and more than 400 articles that Mr. Porter has written he is also the primary author of ICBI's Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.  These standards are designed to provide Clarity, Consistency and Comparability in the reserve study process and reports issued by all ICBI members.  We at Facilities Advisors are leaders in addressing the issues that our competitors are simply not capable of addressing.  Mr. Porter has been published or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, The Practical Accountant, Common Ground, The Ledger Quarterly and more than a dozen major newspapers. 

Facilities Advisors developed the Reserve Management Plan level of service wherein we work on a collaborative basis with our clients to produce the most accurate reserve study possible.  We also bring our extensive experience to each reserve study engagement.  We provide quality services at competitive fees and provide easy to read reports that are in compliance with financial projection reporting protocols.

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Reserve Studies
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