MGM Association Management

PO Box 1246
289 SW 5th Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642 United States

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Company Description:

MGM provides the Board all the necessary tools to keep an HOA running smoothly. MGM takes on a partnership, not a controlling role, with each subdivision to support and make the neighborhood a better place to live.

Our HOA accounting program runs automatically, online and costs less than a bookkeeper.

MGM Association Management is a progressive association management company that works for every homeowner to protect property values and to govern the subdivision with the homeowner’s best interest in mind.  It is our mission to ensure a functioning homeowner association, so that a volunteer Board of Directors can continue to build their communities.

MGM offers three service plans that could be scaled up or down to fit the specific needs of each situation.

Basic Service Plan includes our HOA online management software program and provides a cost-effective solution for those subdivisions who want to continue to self-manage. The online program is a 100%, web-based accounting service program that allows both homeowner and board members access to their accounts from any mobile device or desktop. This program is robust, saves time, increases communication and is capable of sharing and uploading any file extension.

Basic Plus Service Plan adds all the features of the Basic plan, but includes a more active involvement by MGM. This plan helps the Board to oversee a larger portion of the governing processes and service vendors that interact with each homeowners association.

Premium Service Plan is our complete full service plan. This plan includes enforcement of a subdivision’s covenants, handles all violation procedures, onsite inspections, newsletters, subdivision specific website, 24 irrigation emergency service and much more.

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