Matt Cavinder
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 United States

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Company Description:

"Partnership Built on Trust and Transparency"

CAVINDER ELEVATOR COMPANY promotes the highest quality of installation, repair, preventative maintenance, educated union field personnel and places "Customer Service at its Forefront."

Our Commitment to Service:

CAVINDER ELEVATOR COMPANY'S commitment to service is based on core principles from 3 generations of family elevator owner beliefs. Our “Guarantee” to performance based service with minimum set number of service visits and hours on the job gives you peace of mind that you are getting what you are paying for

Reduction in Callbacks:

Applying more preventative hours per month per elevator, along with reducing the number of elevators per mechanic, ensures reduced callbacks along with our increased fast response times. Communication is also imperative and what separates CAVINDER ELEVATOR COMPANY from the competition with local ownership to answer questions or resolve issues on the spot.

True Preventative Maintenance:

In addition, our minimum set service hours and frequency utilized by the highest technically trained IUEC mechanics ensures that you are receiving the best true “Preventative Maintenance” program in the industry. "Nothing replaces a mechanic's hands on mechanical elevator equipment” and this is a proven philosophy in reducing callbacks, ensuring life of the equipment and overall tenant satisfaction.

Trust in Cavinder:

Trusting partnerships are important in a good business relationship, which is why our 24/7 call center, office, mechanics and owners are local and vested in the community in which we serve. All service is performed under our MCP (maintenance control program) and the National Elevator ANSI 17.1 code.

Our repair capabilities cover all types of repairs and upgrades needed for Hydraulic, Traction and MRL elevator equipment ranging from:

  • Machines and Hoist Ropes
  • Doors and Related Hardware
  • Governors
  • Rust Restoration
  • 5-year and Annual Testing
  • Controls and Fixtures
  • Jacks and Cylinders
  • Cabs and Cab Interiors
  • Rail Adjustments

South Carolina Chapter
South Carolina Chapter
Area(s) Served: 
South Carolina Chapter
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