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Hanna & Van Atta specializes in the legal aspects of real estate development and transactions. The firm has extensive expertise in the field of condominium projects and other common interest developments and mixed use developments of all scales.  We represent a wide variety of clients, including developers and homebuilders, financing entities and investors, landlords and tenants, prospective purchasers and owners associations.   The firm represents clients in a wide variety of matters, including purchases and sales, joint ventures and partnerships, financing, commercial leasing, land use and development matters, and litigation.  We also serve as general counsel for common interest communities and developments.

Residential Condominium and Planned Development Projects

The firm's attorneys have particular experience in the field of condominium and planned development law.  We have represented many major homebuilders in California, as well as local builders, in preparation of residential project legal documentation, and assisted in processing documentation with state agencies for approvals required for marketing such projects.  Additionally, we have provided legal counseling and services for well over 4,000 residential common interest development projects of various types and sizes throughout California and have formed over 3,000 community and home owners associations. We have decades of experience working with the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and the California Subdivided Lands Act. Mr. Hanna and Mr. Van Atta were involved in the writing of the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and advised the legislative committee when the statute was enacted.

Owners Associations

We provide legal counseling and services to Common Interest Development owners associations for existing residential, commercial and mixed use developments.  We have formed over 3,000 community and home owners associations.  We are frequently asked to review, update and revise association documentation, particularly project declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions and bylaws. We can advise owners associations as to the legal aspects and requirements of its operations, including rule making, meeting requirements and document enforcement.

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