Boyd Wilson, LLC

600 Olde Hickory Rd, Suite 100
Lancaster, PA 17601 United States

Phone: View Phone Number717-569-0484
Fax: View Fax Number717-569-4569
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number888-717-6227

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Company Description:

Boyd Wilson has been managing its own properties and properties for others since 1982, and its name is synonymous with knowledge, experience, achievement and professionalism.

We have been setting property management standards and have proven to be one of the area's most successful real estate management companies for well over a decade.

Boyd Wilson is flexible enough to adopt and operate with an "ownership mentality," while keeping sight of the fact that we are, in essence, a service organization. We make a commitment to provide quality service and deliver this service on a consistent basis. And it's the only way we do business.

Association Management

Property Management Service

  • Perform periodic site reviews
  • Oversee the maintenance and improvement to Association common areas
  • Respond to HOA member requests for service

Financial Services

Postings to Accounts

  • Prepare Invoices & Statements
  • Banking as Required
  • Reconcile All Accounts; Checking, Savings, Investments, etc.
  • Paying All Accounts Payables
  • Providing Detailed Financial Reports Regularly
  • Monitoring of Investment Fund Rollovers
  • Gathering of Data for Independent Auditors
  • Review of Financial Statements with Board members
  • Preparation of Pro Forma Operating Budget
  • Mailing Year-End Statements to Membership
  • Engage CPA for Tax Returns, Annual Review or Audits

Banking and Financial Services
Management Company
Keystone Chapter
RFP Automator
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