Renovations Property Management

Johanna Villasmil
10855 NW 33rd Street
Doral, FL 33172 United States

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Company Description:

Renovations Property Management is a full-service State Licensed Association Management Company that caters to all the needs of Homeowner & Condominium Associations, Cooperatives, High-Rise/Luxury Condominiums, Timeshares, and Commercial properties throughout the state of Florida.

We are dedicated to assisting the Board of Directors to conduct business, and handle community affairs within the guidelines of governance and ethics.

What distinguishes us from the competition is our dedication to ensure that your community succeeds.

Our guiding principles include conducting business through an open and honest relationship, bringing pride to our everyday projects, and delivering on what we promise. We realize our business is all about relationships and our goal is to constantly enhance the client’s experience by mastering excellence throughout the quality of our services.

Renovations Property Management understands that each Association has a unique set of goals; there is no "standard" package of services with us. Instead, we focus on working with the Board of Directors to create a package that is specific to the needs of the community.

Making sure your property gets the attention and care it needs is our highest priority!


Renovations Property Management is committed to delivering excellent services based on our clients' needs. In doing so, each and every one of our managers are engaged and focused on guiding our associates to achieve and maintain high levels of individual and organizational performance.    

"Our clients expect and deserve the best" 

Delivering excellence and financial security to our Associations is paramount to our firm. Renovations Property Management has in-depth knowledge within the industry which is endless and diverse. Our experts will help turn your visions into reality.

“A great Property Management Company delivers on their promises. That’s what distinguishes Renovations Property Management from the competition.


At Renovations Property Management our goal is to always deliver best in class service to all of our clients. Our staff shares a profound belief that every Association we manage should serve as a calling card for the services we provide.  

We work to protect and enhance the value of your property. Our Company gives you the most efficient and professional property management services available on the market. With our help you can reduce costs, lower maintenance fees, raise property value, improve maintenance & landscaping, obtain accurate management of your finances, and increase your reserves.    

We handle everyday community matters including violations, parking, and general nuisances. Our dedication to superior customer service will allow us to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

a.       General Management: Our Licensed Community Association Managers (CAM) have been extensively trained in the governance and legal matters that directly affect Associations. Budgets, reserves, investments, assessments, risk management, insurance, maintenance, contracting, meeting management, and on-site human resource management are an example of our spectrum of services.

b.      Accounting: Our accounting department provides a thorough service in what can be considered an ever-changing and demanding environment. We are staffed with a strong team of accounting professionals that work directly with the Board of Directors to handle all financial aspects of the Association. The accounting experts actively seek to identify opportunities and inefficiencies within your budget and create monthly financial statements for review by the Board of Directors.

c.      Association Websites: With our comprehensive website services you will be able to take full advantage of current technology available to the market that provides a high level of convenience. Our online solutions allow the residents and Board Members to perform a vast array of functions without leaving the comfort of their home. Our Association Websites are exceptionally dynamic, offering both public and password protected resident areas. On the community site, Board and Committee members receive access to their own private area with tools that allow for seamless and interactive.

d.    Landscaping: Renovations Property Management cares about every aspect of your community. This is why we offer landscaping services as an additional service to all of our Associations. By doing so, we aim to streamline and guarantee quality work as well as maintain high levels of productivity. Experience has shown us that the beauty and elegance of each neighborhood is one of the key factors that provide comfort and satisfaction to its residents.

e.      Maintenance: We provide minor maintenance repairs and preventative services, in addition to the overall management of common areas in your community. Our licensed and insured maintenance team is dedicated to ensuring that the aesthetic value of the neighborhood is always guarded against deterioration. At Renovations Property Management we employ a team of well-trained and supervised maintenance personnel.

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