Heritage Exteriors

David Chernetsky
1800 Diesel Drive Ste 20
Sacramento, CA 95838 United States

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Heritage Exteriors is a premier siding and window service provider based in Sacramento. Born from a legacy of family-owned construction expertise, our founding team—comprising two brothers and a lifelong friend—brings hands-on experience and a commitment to personalized service. We excel in delivering seamless customer experiences across both commercial and residential projects, ensuring high-quality outcomes from initial consultation to final installation.

Our expertise encompasses a range of siding solutions including wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement, tailored to enhance your property's aesthetic and value. We are also proficient in window replacement and installation, focusing on energy efficiency, fitting precision, and material durability. At Heritage Exteriors, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship, leveraging our local market knowledge to offer competitive yet uncompromising quality.


From our established expertise, Heritage Exteriors provides an extensive range of siding options. We offer fiber cement siding from James Hardie, celebrated for its strength, low maintenance, and resistance to adverse elements. Aluminum siding, another key offering, is lauded for its durability and rust resistance, with a variety of manufacturers like Fastplank and Long Board.

Our wood siding selection includes cedar, T1-11, and thermally modified wood, all chosen for their quality and resilience. For those seeking a low-maintenance yet versatile option, our vinyl siding from Alside is ideal, offering a range of styles and colors to fit any aesthetic. Each siding choice is backed by our commitment to quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and thorough customer guidance, ensuring your property not only gains enhanced aesthetic appeal but also receives the best protection and value enhancement.


We offer a diverse array of window products from renowned manufacturers like Anlin, Amsco, Anderson, Alside, Milgard, Marvin, Plygem, Premium, Sierra Pacific, and Simonton. Our windows, available in various styles and materials, are designed to maximize natural light and enhance views????.

Our experienced team of installers is committed to delivering the highest quality service, ensuring perfect installation and complete customer satisfaction. We take pride in our family values, reflected in our customer interactions and service quality??.

We provide various window materials, including:

  1. Vinyl Windows: Known for their architectural beauty, these windows offer benefits like heat and water resistance, weatherability, and strength??.
  2. Aluminum Windows: These are low maintenance, highly durable, and come in a range of colors and styles, providing safety and a modern look??.
  3. Wood Windows: We offer a wide range of wood species, glass types, and finishes, including cedar, mahogany, and oak, with high-quality construction??.
  4. Fiberglass Windows: Distinguished for their durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to warping and decay, ideal for harsh weather conditions??.
  5. Steel Windows: Our steel frames are energy-efficient, robust, and customizable, offering optimal climate control and longevity??.
  6. Aluminum Steel Look-Alike Windows: These mimic steel's appearance but are more cost-effective and weather-resistant??.
  7. Composite Windows: Made with a special blend of resins, these windows offer durability, thermal performance, and a wide range of exterior colors??.

Additionally, we offer sound-reducing glass options, ideal for buildings in noisy environments, and a variety of window styles such as single hung, double-hung, slider, casement, awning, picture, bay, and custom arch or special shape windows??.


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